Marketing has now a wider range with the help of the internet. Advertisements are not only applied in televisions, radio, newspapers and magazines, but also in the form of social media. Under the social media, you can now have advertisement in different forms: social media pages, websites, and forums. After advertising your products and services, it is also important to have interaction with your target audience and potential clients and making the content of your business up-to-date. They have to be aware that the page administrator is active and will be able to answer their queries as soon as possible. The more interaction on your page, the more chances of attracting more customers.

social media apps for businesses
social media apps for businesses

With the ever continuous development of the internet, you can also access it through your mobile phone. Therefore monitoring and keeping your business sites are now easier. Here are some of the social media applications that can definitely help you.

• DrumUp

This is a very different social media management tool because it searches for contents that are related to your business. The important feature is the daily recommendations that it gives to the user. And the best thing is: it allows you to schedule when the content will be posted on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also review and edit the queued posts before they are published. To get started, all you have to do is fill in some keywords that are related to your business, and then it will give you interesting content that can be posted straight to your social media accounts.

• Mention

This app lets you monitor your brand and keep track of its performance on social media. It gives you an insight about people’s feedback about your business, whether it is positive or negative – this is beneficial in creating a proper social media marketing strategy. The best thing about this app: it sends across real-time alerts whenever your business gets talked or written about, you will get quick notification if something requires attention and prompt action.

• Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is a large platform in business advertisement because you can connect with millions of users. Some people are using pages to send inquiries to several businesses. Therefore, this tool is convenient in updating your page. The over-all feature from the desktop is also incorporated in this mobile app: allow page administrators to publish updates on multiple pages; see account and privacy settings; monitor the performance of the content (likes, comments and shares); and the ability to separate personal and business pages that helps in avoiding accidental posting.

• News Reader by Feedly

Another application where you can look for a great content that you can post in your page. Its key feature is the ability to add various RSS feeds to the app including websites and blogs, and then all of the content will be able for browsing using this application. This app works with various social accounts like Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Therefore, all your favorite content will be shared in these social media websites.

• Sparksfly

This app is quite similar with News Reader by Feedly. In addition to content recommendation and easy sharing in different social accounts, users can create “routines”, which is based on the content that they prefer to read regularly that makes browsing easier. This “routine” can be shared on social media network contacts.