Many students and teenagers are always online trying to check out their social media status. The common social media networks that students use include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. Most students will be on the social media sites just to chat with friends and catching up. What many students do not know is the power of social media when used correctly. Most students just think that it is about socializing alone. Big companies are now on social media simply because they know where their customers spend most of their time.

social media for networking
social media for networking

LinkedIn is a powerful social media network for professionals. It is like that provides you with amazing deals on car rental coupons. LinkedIn will provide all the avenues necessary for making powerful networking needed for a career. Here is how to benefit from using LinkedIn as a social media platform.

i. First, you have to join LinkedIn. The sign up process is quite simple and is the same like joining Facebook, which most people are familiar with. Fill in as much information as required by LinkedIn in order to sign up. The information will be useful later on when trying to find connections with other people on the website. You need to connect with people who are like-minded. If you are still in school, proceed to connect with students and alumni most of the time. There will be a time when connections to other professionals will be important but not now.

ii. It is now time to build your LinkedIn network. Ask your friend for referrals to other people who might like you in their network. The referral part makes things less awkward when first meeting the new connection. Search LinkedIn to find organizations that might interest you. Send them a request letting them know you are interested in sharing a connection with them. If the company sees your relevance, they will not hesitate to accept the invitation. Such organizations can become helpful after you have finished school and looking for employment.

iii. Understand that it is not about making connections. You need to filter the people connecting to you also. There is the need to have a strong connection that will make you relevant in the industry. Some people tend to forget about the quality of connections they are making. You can find the interesting people by checking the top trends. Such are the people to share a connection with.

As much as social media sites are fun places for people to come and talk about everything, ensure it is a healthy conversation always. For LinkedIn, it is a website full of professionals. They expect the people using the website will always maintain a professional conversation. Do not start insulting people in your network. If reported to the moderators, your account can be suspended or banned. This will lead to the loss of connections you have worked so hard to achieve. The same thing applies to other social media websites not just LinkedIn.